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Turn Sketchup Models Into Photorealistic Images The Simple Way.

Raylectron v3 has the ability to easily render 3D models made in Sketchup into a photo-realistic image.

Vita, MB. January 7, 2014 - Trimble Sketchup 3D design software is one of the fastest growing 3D graphic software in the industry. However, the output is very plain and lack realism such as reflection, lights and real shadows to name a few. Professional artists, hobbyist or anyone who creates 3D designs and wishes to turn their models into photorealism presentations, and/or to view their models in 3D stereo as if they were real, now have the opportunity to use Raylectron. Raylectron has the ability to easily render 3D models made in Google/Trimble Sketchup into a photo-realistic image.

Raylectron provide the user with three different rendering modes. Depending on the scene being rendered, one can use ray-tracing with true shadows, path-tracing with or without direct illumination and photon-mapping, each creating a unique effect. Raylectron already contain just about all the settings to fine tune the output, therefore, no further processing by other software is required.

There are also four types of light source. The sun, the sky, environment maps and any materials set as a light source (emitter) with settings for the power and coverage angle. It is very easy to use. Any materials can produce different effects, such as reflection (like mirror), refraction (like glass), transparency, glossiness, shininess, bump maps, normal maps and background images. Shadows are not fake or simulated like "Soft shadows". Caustics are also real, not fake or simulated. Raylectron utilize all the CPU cores and threads (user selectable) to render as fast as possible. It can also use slaves by installing Raylectron on remote computers further increasing the rendering speed.

Some of the unique features:

  • Render OBJ files.
  • Rendered animation.
  • Save rendered data.
  • Physical sun and sky.
  • Support HDR 360° maps.
  • Two-point perspective.
  • Start/Stop/Resume render.
  • GPU Acceleration, faster CPU.
  • Free Sketchup while rendering.
  • Fix Reversed Face Material tool.
  • X-Ray vision (render through walls).
  • Instancing of components and groups.
  • Network render. Unlimited number of nodes.
  • Grass & Fur real time preview and generation.
  • Model viewer (rotate, pan, zoom as in Sketchup).
  • Stereo Vision (crossed-eye, no glasses required).
  • Transparent background (great for saving as PNG).
  • Save render in HDR, PSD, PNG, JPG and many other formats.
  • Plus many more features...

Raylectron v3.xx is available for free evaluation.

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Sketchup Rendering Plug-in Raylectron v3

Sketchup Rendering Plug-in Raylectron v3

Sketchup Rendering Plug-in Raylectron v3