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The Sketchup Vue Exporter Plugin (Version 10.0) is a Ruby-supported script application which is compatible with sketchup 7 and higher version. This sketchup plugin is applied to export sketchup models, sun direction, cameras as well as animations into Vue format.

This sketchup plugin is available directly inside sketchup under the plugins menu. Once it is induced, it generates a Vue .VOB model file comprising of Sketchup model geometries, components, groups and materials together with a Vue Scene Loader file for automatically importing the model, sun direction, camera and animation paths.

Sketchup Vue Exporter Plugin V10 contains the following exclusive features:-

  • Exports from Sketchup Pro or Sketchup Free
  • Compatible with all Artist and Professional level versions of Vue (version 10 and higher)
  • Full scene export that involves model geometry, scene hierarchy, sun direction, and cameras
  • Perfect conversion of the Sketchup model hierarchy along with complete naming and preservation of parent-child component relationships
  • Superior material appearance correlation with automated transparency and bump
  • Put Vue material properties directly in Sketchup materials
  • Ability to deal with single-sided Sketchup faces (e.g. faces having diverse materials on each side)
  • Support for Sketchup geometries, components and groups
  • Exploding the model is not essential
  • Export the full model or selected portions of the model
  • Export and automatic conversions of Sketchup animations directly into Vue animations
  • Automatic conversion of Sketchup water materials into animated Vue water materials
  • Utilities for automatically setting object and component pivot points in Vue facilitating proxy replacement

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Sketchup Vue Exporter Plugin V10.0