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Trimble just launched Scan Explorer Extension for SketchUp Pro

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Trimble recently launched Trimble Scan Explorer Extension for SketchUp Pro. This simplified yet strong plugin is ideal for architects, engineers and geospatial professionals as they can easily produce models from 3D scanning data.

These latest applications integrates high-resolution field data from Trimble scanners through instinctive and influential professional modeling software and makes the procedure easy for generating, accessing as well as allocating accurate 3D models of the real-world surroundings.

With Trimble Scan Explorer Extension, the sketchup users will be able to produce a SketchUp Pro 3D model out of scan data in the quickest possible time. The plugin contains streamlined tools and one-touch features which facilitate the sketchup users to dig out construction points and lines rapidly to be applied as a guide to streamline and speed up the modeling practice. This sketchup plugin also includes automatic plane extraction tools which can enhance modeling efficacy useful at the time of modeling building interiors and facades.

For having superior visual references while performing with point clouds, the extension contains a simplified edge extraction tool that can be utilized to effortlessly analyze significant cues from the scan data directly into their model building space. Structural edges are transferred into SketchUp as guidelines, and one button push demonstrates the shell of the structure.

Through its incorporated workflow the Scan Explorer Extension for SketchUp Pro facilitates the sketchup users to access the 3D modeling process for as-built analysis and design alterations. The 3D Professionals can now generate visual 3D models efficiently facilitating a perfect demonstration of the environment they are performing with and develop the communication, collaboration and excellence of deliverable that can be presented to any clients.

The sketchup users can avail the Trimble Scan Explorer Extension for SketchUp Pro through Trimble's Geospatial distribution network and online at:

Trimble just launched Scan Explorer Extension for SketchUp Pro