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Benefits of Plusspec for sketchup in modular construction

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Modular construction is available in diverse formats. The concrete prefabricated panels are designed to meet transportation and load capability of a crane which is a very challenging task.

Some leading software packages like Tekla performs this in a high LOD (level of detail). Tekla can be used to include the reinforcement and output of working drawings. In several incidents this level of detail is not essential at design conception and feasibility phases.

To handle these cases, software like Plusspec for SketchUp is very useful to detail and pre-arrange for input into Tekla. The benefits can be reaped for enhancing efficiency as well as cost calculation.

PlusSpec can produce concrete walls in totality, yet it is also capable of parting walls to match manufacturing addition of voids/openings and transportation sizing. Another benefit is the output of quantities in relation to wall segments and connections.

The other advantage of PlusSpec is how to output files. PlusSpec functions within SketchUp, and the SketchUp files are imported into Tekla very rapidly and competently so as to finish the BIM and virtual design and construction life cycle.

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Benefits of Plusspec for sketchup in modular construction
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