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PlusSpec For Sketchup version 16.3.0 is just released

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The users can now use the most updated version of PlusSpec for Sketchup i.e PlusSpec 16.3. This newest version is contains various advanced tools and features.

There is a robust and user-friendly paint tool to access a complete Taubmans range of colors with 5040 named colors. With this new paint tool the users will be able to discover colors, include colors, view color and measure color. The users can easily include their color selections to any model.

The users can also see their PlusSpec models on their Android or Apple tablet or phone.

The following enhancements are also included in Roof Tool :-

• Addition of fascia options.
• Addition of gutter options.
• Inclusion of Boxed & raked eave options.
• Inclusion of Plumb & angled fascia options.
• Eave/soffit material can be selected now.
• Inclusion of Timber/lumber fascia option.
• Fascia/barge materials for gables can be selected now and enabled/disabled.
• Reverse dutch gable option is included to the ‘Edit Roof Pitch’ Tool.

Enhancements with Wall Tool: While drawing a wall, a bold, black line will be visible to the users. This line specifies which wall alignment is assigned to draw from.

While drawing walls, help text will be visible. It will facilitate to recognize which side of your wall belongs to the external material, and which side of your wall belongs to the internal material in a superior manner.

Addition of Raked ceiling option for internal lining (eg. plasterboard). External wall reveals around windows and doors now contain the wall material that is already used. Earlier these reveals were visible as white.

PlusSpec For Sketchup version 16.3.0 is just released
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To get more information about this new release, go through the following release note of PlusSpec 16.3.