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Point Gadget 2 (2016+) for sketchup – The newest sketchup extension

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CMD has developed Point Gadget 2 (2016+) for sketchup. This sketchup plugin supports only SketchUp 2016. Point Gadget 2 (2016+) contains a wide array of toolset like Point Creation Tools, Line Creation Tool, Information Viewers, Modification Tools, Importer & Exporter tools.

Point Creation Tools

Set Location – This tool is applied to set the xyz of the station location or model origin.

• Trick: In order to perfectly arrange the imported data prior to shooting points, utilize the SketchUp model axis. The green axis determines the North / backsight.

Shoot Tool – This tool is utilized to set point markers through your mouse. The ID numbers will be allotted automatically with the illustrated markers, and points.

• Trick: While applying the Shoot tool, it is recommended to shoot onto an real surface.

• Trick: The point markers applied with the plugin belong to components. If you are reluctant to apply the Point Gadget tools to set a point marker and as an alternative apply the Component Browser to set your point, make sure to apply the Point Gadget UPDATE tool to register them with the plugin.

XYZ Tool - Apply this tool to set point markers one by one with specific XYZ coordinates.

Link for download Point Gadget 2 (2016+) for sketchup

Point Gadget 2 (2016+) for Sketchup