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Profile Builder 2.0 for sketchup

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The most version of Profile Builder alias Profile Builder 2.0 is just launched. Whaat has developed this sketchup plugin which is available in extension warehouse. Profile Builder 2 supports only SketchUp 2015.

With this sketchup plugin, the users can perform lightspeed modeling of smart building materials through parametric profiles and assemblies.

Profile Builder Pro is packed with the following exciting features:-

  • Create, Edit and Measure intelligent models of existent building materials
  • Characterize and Save custom Profiles
  • Automate the process for orientation of profile extrusion alongside any path
  • Complete control of profile orientation alongside a path
  • New Parametric Assemblies (unite numerous profiles and components under a path-based parametric model!)
  • Locate the height and width of any profile
  • Profile browser and rebuild user interface
  • Profiles stay upright on helical paths
  • Extend / Split Profile Member tool
  • Rotate a Profile
  • Trimming tools
  • Smart-Path select Tool
  • Quantifier tool
  • Upload & process the model
  • Instant Cost Estimates and Quantity Reports
  • Easier editing of paths
  • Profiles are now preserved as editable SKP files (the users can import and automatically transform the custom Profile libraries from version 1)

It is a commercial plugin and the users can now access it at a discounted price of $37.50 for a limited time.

A 30 days free trial version is also available in extension warehouse

Watch the following demo video to get some ideas with the new features.

Profile Builder 2.0 for sketchup