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qrVR Exporter for Sketchup – The newly launched sketchup extension

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qrVR Exporter is a handy sketchup extension that can transform all sketchup models to conveniently distribute and visualize them to anyone and view on your iPhone and iPad as well as Android and in Virtual Reality through a google cardboard.

This plugin activates the “Export to qrVR” option in SketchUp and facilitates the users to effortlessly distribute and envisage through the qrVR app. With a single mouse click on the qrVR button, the model can be transformed automatically.

After each conversion, there will be a Model Card (a .pdf is produced while converting a model). Scan the created QR Code with the qrVR app on your phone or tablet (it can be downloaded free from the App Store ( and Google Play Store ( By clicking on the URL in the model card, the qrVR model will be opened in the browser.

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Download the free qrVR app for iPhone/iPad from

qrVR Exporter for sketchup
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