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SketchUp 2014 is now compatible with SightSpace Mobile Augmented Reality

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Limitless Computing Inc, the renowned solution provider in 3D mobile Augmented Reality, just declared that its exclusive products SightSpace Mobile Augmented Reality is now compatible with Sketchup 2014.

Limitless Computing offers a wide array of Augmented Reality (AR) products through Trimble SketchUp pre-visualizes buildings, materials, fixtures. By applying a mobile gadget, the users get the ability to successfully communicate scale and context as well as transform all the designs to real world.

All of Limitless Computing's SightSpace products are now well versed with SketchUp 2014:

  • SightSpace 3D for Apple and Android: The sketchup professionals can apply sketchup, 3D warehouse and Google to produce digital spaces and walk round these virtually through SightSpace 3D with AR. SightSpace 3D is the first ever mobile app that loads SketchUp files (8+) in the indigenous .SKP format to demonstrate any buildings, products, designs etc instantly and smoothly Quickly and easily display buildings, products, designs and more. It is available in English, Spanish, French, and Chinese. It’s cost is $39.99 and it is well matched with Apple and Android versions.
  • SightSpace PRO: SightSpace PRO comprises of the advanced features of SightSpace 3D which range from connecting an external GPS for perfect AR, location markers for AR useful for indoor application, photo markup and annotation, animated bookmarks, dimensions, and lots other. It is compatible with Apple and Android. The cost varies from $39.99/month; $199/6 months; $399/12 months, $499/lifetime. The users can also access 14-day free trial.

SightSpace View Plugin and Mobile App: SightSpace View plugin can be related to any Trimble SketchUp digital model through a QR code for the final mobile AR experience. With the help of live camera feed of the tool, the sketchup professional can enjoy the 3D design superimposed onto the real world while making scan by free View mobile app. View service commences with$39.99/month with a free mobile app viewer.

SketchUp 2014 is now compatible with SightSpace Mobile Augmented Reality