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Sketchup 2015 is arrived with improved Layout, Ruby API and Extension Warehouse

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Trimble has made another crucial update to their sketchup software in this year by introducing sketchup 2015.

Sketchup contains some advanced features through which the users can produce, access, allocate and collaborate on 2D drawings and 3D models quickly and efficiently. SketchUp 2015 is compatible with Windows or Mac having support to 64 bit version to deal with any outsized files. Besides, IFC file import functionality facilitates back-and-forth allocation of IFC files among SketchUp Pro and any other application which makes the information modeling process easy for sketchup professionals.

With IFC file import functionality, it is possible for the Sketchup Pro users to distribute models amid several BIM tools and relate industry standard types associated with the model.

With the improved Rubi API and Extension Warehouse of SketchUp plug-ins and add-ons, it becomes easier for the developers to create and contribute to exclusive new tools.

With sketchup’s Layout 2D drawing & documentation tool, handling drawing becomes easier and users become able to demonstrate more data from the information models using object classifications inside SketchUp and effortlessly access that info in LayOut through an improved annotation tool.

There exists a 3-point Arc tool that empowers the users to sketch arced edges with four diverse methods. There is also a rotated rectangle tool facilitates the users to sketch accurate rectangles open by default axes. The polygon tool is also improved to sketch inscribed as well as circumscribed polygons. New auto-text labels and other crucial aspects are included in the sketchup’s layout.

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Sketchup 2015 is arrived with improved Layout, Ruby API and Extension Warehouse