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Sketchup 3d challenge for August 2014 organized by Sketchup Texture

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Sketchup Texture is organizing the 3D challenge for August 2014. The attendees have to create the replica of the 3d model of Minimalist Modern Eco House designed by Romain Demerville. Minimalist Modern Eco House is one kind of 3d projects focusing the architectural styles of present times that involves concrete, stone, wood, large glass window "plein air" effect as well as simple geometric forms.

Guidelines for Participation:

1. Everybody is eligible to take part only if they joined the group 3D CHALLENGE. One can apply any rendering engine. No dissimilarity is made amid one rendering engine and another.

2. The textures can be substituted, but the architectural structure should be the same. Any personal detail, furniture, vegetation, background, atmosphere can be included as per requirements with the intention of providing a elegant look to your own creation.

3. One can submit maximum number of 2 render images with minimum resolution of 1600x900

NOTE: If any work submitted by the participants, violate the competition guidelines, that will be eliminated from the final competition

4. The submitted images that will be considered legitimate will be the artworks incorporated in the official album HERE.

NOTE: Only the final render image should be contained in the album.

5. At the time of submitting your 3d artwork, the following information should be given : name/surname/ rendering engine used/nation.

N.B.: Missing of this information can lead to the rejection of the works from the final competition.

6. Each art work must convey the logo of the group "3D CHALLENGE" that was provided in the download.

7. All entries should submitted prior to September 15, 2014 at midnight Italian time

WINNERS: The commencement of the popular vote, will be declared, at the end of the challenge and one will be given 3 days to vote. The 10 finalists will be selected by the public through the popular voting.

The 10 art work chosen by popular vote, added to the 10 artworks selected by the admins ,will form the list of TOP 20 best entries.

At last, the technical jury will choose 3 winners in the list of top 20 best entries : first, second and third place.

Method of assessment of the technical jury :
Realism 25 pts
Composition 25 pts
Lighting and texturing 25 pts
overall impact 25 pts

Sketchup Texture and Sketchup jointly sponsor the contest.

The person who will hold the 1st position, will get one of the unique black T-Shirts from containing the SketchUpArtists logo.

The top 20 finalists will be declared, through Sketchup Texture web site having nearly 10,000,000 visits,and through Sketchup Texture google plus having more than 224,000,000 visits. Thus one can get a grand international recognition.

Download here the 3d model presented in sketchup 8, the logo "3d challenge", and the rules of the contest.

Sketchup 3d challenge for August 2014 organized by Sketchup Texture