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SketchUp - A Design Guide for Woodworkers – An exclusive reference book for woodworking professionals

“SketchUp - A Design Guide for Woodworkers” is an entirely demonstrated reference book for woodworking processionals.

SketchUp is an outstanding design tool for woodworkers that can save huge time, materials and money by facilitating the woodworkers to validate their designs prior to even produce the first cut.

This all-inclusive reference book offers you the specific guidance to apply sketchup perfectly for developing any woodworking design. This sketchup book is specifically designed from a woodworker’s perception to produce stunning furniture designs as well as eliminates the scopes for expensive construction inaccuracies.

Link for download SketchUp - A Design Guide for Woodworkers

The book contains step-by-step lessons for setting up and configuring the program to obtain the most effective functionalities.

SketchUp - A Design Guide for Woodworkers