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Learn how to apply Sketchup for designing plans through Plantizen courses

SketchUp Tutorial

Learn how to design plans with sketchup through Plantizen courses. By undergoing this course, one will be expert in using sketchup efficiently.

This course is very useful for planners and architects to learn thoroughly how to illustrate three-dimensional objects in two-dimensions for generating and applying 3d models. Besides, one can also learn how to utilize geolocation funtions inside skethup as well as produce complicated models, make a superior rendering concerning a sketchup site model for creating design with realistic lighting and shading.

Jaymes Dunsmore, a planner and urban designer and Mike Ernst, an urban planner and designer, will perform as the course instructors.

Course details :-

  • Learn how to apply sketchup’s animation features to generate and export video walk-throughs of SketchUp models.
  • The planners can learn how to demonstrate requirements in zoning codes, design guidelines and form based codes through sketchup.

  • Learn how to integrate SketchUp and Adobe Creative Suite (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) for generating illuminative and informative photo simulations, perspective views, sections and site plans.
  • Be familiar with the advanced features of SketchUp together with modeling historic structures and real-world buildings, applying various SketchUp Plugins, and modeling complicated forms.

  • Learn how to produce an advanced rendering of a SketchUp site model, by applying a free third-party renderer alias Kerkythea to design realistic lighting and shading. Then include components to your rendering in Adobe Photoshop.

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sketchup for designing plans through Plantizen courses