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Learn to create superior quality animation images from your sketchup models through IRender nXt

SketchUp Tutorial

DutchSims4Master is the creator of this exclusive sketchup animation tutorial. This sketchup youtube tutorial is based on making animation inside sketchup through IRender nXt.

With IRender nXt, the users can produce spectacular images from any SketchUp model. Any sketchup design can be transformed into magnificently rendered, high-resolution images. Lights, materials, skies, etc. can be also inserted to generate naturalistic renderings directly from SketchUp.

IRender nXt can be used to make high quality animation images from SketchUp models through raytracing and radiosity techniques. By applying IRender nXt, the users can create animation by rendering scenes, moving the camera, and rendering the next frame.

The times and delays assigned for a single page in SketchUp are utilized to time the animation. While making the movie, just indicate the number of frames for each second and the image size.

IRender nXt is compatible with SketchUp 7 and SketchUp 8 for Windows.

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sketchup models through IRender nXt