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CL3VER is cloud based platform to create Interactive 3D presentations from existing 3D models that works on web and mobile devices. CL3VER allows architects, engineers, designers and manufacturers to engage clients and stakeholders with interactive 3D presentations that works in the browser, on and offline without the need to install nor maintain any software or expensive hardware.

CL3VER 3D scenes are available natively on any desktop browser and on iOS8, without the need for a plugin, on iOS via native App and also offline. Create once, publish anywhere.

The SketchUp to CL3VER export plugin exports with one click any 3D models in SkecthUp into the CL3VER editor, where the interactive 3D presentation can be created. The plugin exports to CL3VER the 3D model geometry, hierarchy, materials and textures.

Installing the plugin is easy:

  • Sign Up to the CL3VER platform for FREE;
  • Download the plugin from the official SketchUp Extension Warehouse;
  • Install the plugin into SketchUp
  • Open your 3D model in SketchUp and click "File > Open in CL3VER"
  • A browser window will be opened
  • Select any of the 3D templates available in the CL3VER workspace
  • Your SketchUp 3D model will open in the CL3VER editor with its geometry, hierarchy, textures and materials.

Useful resources:

SketchUp to CL3VER export plugin

SketchUp to CL3VER export plugin