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Solid Inspector² - the newest version of Solid Inspector for sketchup

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Thomas Thomassen has developed Solid Inspector² for sketchup. This free sketchup extension is compatible with SketchUp 2014, SketchUp 2015 as well as Mac OS X and Windows platform. In order to use it for any older version of sketchup, apply Solid Inspector version 1.

This sketchup plugin facilitates the users to examine and fix solids in sketchup. The repairing process may be slow down for any huge and complicated model.

Opt for a group or component and turn the tool on for examining the cause for not becoming a solid manifold.

On the other hand, just open the group/component and turn on the tool. It will save the users from jumping in & out of the object at the time of editing.


  • Select a group or component to examine it for hole
  • Apply Tab (shift+tab) to rotate through and zoom to the faults
  • Opt for fix or fix all buttons in the visible dialogue box

The plugin is available in sketchup extension warehouse under tools menu. Alternatively you can download it from

Solid Inspector for sketchup