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SunHours is a free Sketchup Plugin to visualize solar exposure

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Solid Green Consulting is the developer of sunhours, an exclusive free plugin for sketchup. This sketchup plugin is useful for performing solar analysis of building.

Sunhours contains the following exclusive features:-

  • Visualize grid data in any building.
  • By applying SketchUp's in-built aptitude to compute shadows, SunHours facilitates to start a simulation over any time period to verify how many hours grid points exit in direct sunlight.
  • Produce complicated calculation grids - Adjust grids to any surface and then offset, edit and integrate them to create a flexible environment to visualise sunlight data.
  • Work out solar exposure - SunHours, allows the users to visualise how sunlight interacts with their building, facilitating exact reflection of sunlight before time in the design phase.

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SunHours is a free sketchup plugin to visualize solar exposure