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Scott Onstott teaches you how to design a tiny house in 3d with Sketchup

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Scott Onstott is conducting a useful online sketchup course for sketchup professionals through Lynda. This exclusive sketchup tutorial will focus on how to design a tiny house in 3d with sketchup.

By undergoing this sketchup tutorial, the users will be able to create a complete home with sketchup by applying various intellectual space-saving features.

In this course, the sketchup users will be acquainted with step-by-step processes for creating a tiny house together with each virtual stud, sheet of plywood, and appliance necessary for the project. To continue with the tutorial, Scott highlights various SketchUp features like components, groups, layers, and textures. By getting 3d modeling view of this house with SketchUp in this in-depth tutorial, any unpredicted spatial clashes in the design can be easily detected and the construction issues can be reduced virtually prior to commencement of actual construction.

Course topics:-

  • Importing the house plan.
  • Framing the structure.
  • Laying studs and framing walls.
  • Adding plywood sheathing.
  • Paneling the roof.

  • Adding trim, windows, and siding.
  • Adding interior plywood.
  • Modeling windows and frames.
  • Designing the bed, cabinets, counters, and shower.
  • Adding furniture.
  • Modeling the trailer.
  • Animating the tiny house design.

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tiny house in 3d with sketchup
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