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Transform your 3d rendering process next level with unlimited library of plants for Sketchup

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By taking the help of a renowned Botanist, OneCommunity, a leading developer of open source software introduced a wide array of realistic plants which can be easily used with SketchUp.

These extensive lists contain everything from palm trees to various water and bog plants, bamboo shoots, and tropical evergreen trees. The most exciting fact is that the users can download the library at free of cost.

There are near about realistic & useful 500 plant files from SketchUp's 3D Warehouse which can be used for 3d rendering purpose.

There also exist huge lists containing close relatives for the most excellent few dozen plant files. As for example Chestnut tree can easily substitute for a maple.

One can not only download the files but also import the plants coherently into SketchUp by following a informative video. One community provides trees out of diversified climates and locations to support the projects efficiently with complex topography and climates. The files consists of different types of 2D and 3D options which offer huge benefits to the architects dealing with animations and large scale landscapes.

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