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Brief overview of Vray Toon Material with Sketchup

SketchUp Tutorial

This sketchup video is produced by Egypt Sketchup Community. The video shows how to use toon materials inside V-ray Sketchup. The entire tutorial is created with Sketchup Pro 2016.

VRayToon belongs to a simple material that creates cartoon-style outlines for objects in the scene. VRayToon does not provide a complete NPR (non-photorealistic rendering) effect. Still it is very useful.

Note :-

• VRayToon is only used for outlines. You should have your own cartoon-style materials (as for instance, applying falloff maps etc or other third-party material plugins).
• VRayToon may not function exactly with objects for which their Cast Shadows property is turned off.

• The quality of the lines depend on the present settings of the Image sampler (

Download VRayToon Plugin

Brief overview of Vray Toon Material