Sketchup Plugin

Window+ - A powerful sketchup extension for developing & editing both asymetrical & symmetrical windows

SketchUp Tutorial

Francis Mc Shane creates Window+ for sketchup. This sketchup extension only works with SketchUp 2016. This plugin is used for generating and editing window.

Building Designers can use this sketchup extension to develop and edit elegant, perfectly proportioned rectangular windows with layout as well as size the profiles to compare the specific profiles out of the manufacturer's data.

Thus the windows seem to be adjacent to the original windows, particularly when the robust texture 'paint bucket' tool of sketchup is utilized for the purpose of completing it.

This plugin can also be used to excavate BIM object data similar to profile length and glass area.

Window+ can work for both asymetrical and symmetrical windows.

Download Window+ (1.0.0) for Sketchup 2016

Window+ a powerful window extension for Sketchup 2016