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Advantages of Flat Slab Construction

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A flat slab stands for a reinforced two-way concrete slab that is directly supported by concrete columns devoid of any beams or girders. The loads from the slab is directly transmitted to the auxiliary concrete columns.

The flat slabs offer minimum depth and rapid construction method and facilitate adjustable column grids.

Benefits of the flat slab:

Given below, various benefits of flat slab -

1. Adaptability in the design of the room - The dividing walls can be easily set anywhere. It provides different types of room layout for the owner. False ceilings are not required.

2. The positioning of the reinforcement is simple - Since the reinforcement details of the flat slab are easy, it can be set without any difficulty.

3. Simple formwork and least structural depth.

4. No difficulty for installation of the frame - The large table frame can be easily utilized in flat slab.

5. The height of the building is significantly decreased – Since there are no joists, the height of the floor is minimized and as a result, the height of the building will also be decreased. Roughly 10% of the vertical member could be saved. The burden of the foundation is also lessened.

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6. Fewer construction time – With the application of the big table frame, the construction time is curtailed significantly.

7. Prefabricated electro welded mesh – It offers standard sizes, fewer time for installation and superior quality control.

8. The automatic sprinkler is simpler.

Drawbacks of flat slab:

1. The length of the section is medium - Under the flat plate system, it becomes difficult to retain a large space.

2. It is not effective for supporting fragile partitions (masonry)

3. The application of drop panels can intervene with bigger mechanical ducts

4. Severe variance of the middle band - In flat slabs, the variance of the central strip is important.

5. Greater thickness of slab – With reference to the standard two-way reinforced concrete slab system, the thickness of the flat plate slabs is higher.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Flat Slabs