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Best Cement For Home Use in India

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“What is the best cement for home construction?” Do you have this question? Then don’t worry this is the most common question asked by almost all users. There is a various range of cement companies is available in India. And the various type of the cement is available. To choose the best cement for the construction first you need to know all that types of cement.

Which Cement is best for House construction: Types of Cement

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

Ordinary Portland Cement is the most famous and it is widely used in all types of construction work. The British Cement manufacturer Joseph Aspdin has given the name “Portland” because of its strong Portland stone. This cement is made up of Silicon, calcium, iron, aluminum, and more ingredients.

There are three different grades of the OPC:

33 Grade:

This type of grade is mainly used in small-scale construction such as House construction.

43 Grade:

This grade is used in medium-scale constructions with medium strength. For example, A House with 3-4 floors.

53 Grade:

This type of grade is used in high-level constructions which requires a high strength with more loads. For example, Large Projects such as residency, Road, etc.

Benefits of OPC

  • It has less chemical resistance
  • OPC provides higher strength
  • It comes with the multiple grade features
  • This is a widely used cement
  • User friendly
  • You can use it for large projects
  • It requires less time for the strength to attain

Demerits of OPC

  • Lower setting time
  • This is not Environment friendly
  • Less durability
  • It releases more heat than PPC

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)

This is also a widely used cement nowadays as it contains Pozzolanic material. This is most famous in the market because of its strongest and life-long features and components. It provides the strength as equivalent to OPC Grade 53 cement. So, this is the powerful cement with the strongest functionalities. It contains 10 to 30% of Pozzolanic material within it. There is no grade-level facility in this type of cement. This is the best cement for the house construction as well as the large projects such as Roads, Residences, etc.

Benefits of PPC

  • Powerful chemical resistance
  • Comes with the strongest components
  • Cost-effective and cheaper than OPC
  • It provides the higher setting time
  • PPC is more Environment friendly
  • More durability
  • It releases less heat

Demerits of PPC

  • There is no grade system in the PPC
  • Initial strength is lower


As there are lots of options available for cement and there are lots of brands such as Ultratech Cement, Shree Cement, ACC, Ramco Cement, Ambuja Cement, The India Cement Limited, Binani Cement, JSW Cement, Wonder Cement, etc. You can choose any of the cement according to your preference.

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