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Properties of RCC Checklist

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We know, concrete possesses strong strength to combat compression but considerably possesses less strength against tension. To resolve this problem, steel is implanted inside it. It is known as reinforced cement concrete (RCC).

Various verifying should be done throughout construction to produce a perfect RCC member according to design.

Given below, the details about verifying :-

• Formwork verifying
• Reinforcement verifying
• Pre-Concreting verifying
• Verifying during concreting
• Post-concreting verifying.

Inspection of Formwork: Conduct the following verifying for formwork of RCC.

1. Verify proper alignment of Formwork.
2. Ensure it is cleansed properly.
3. Ensure it is oiled (if steel formwork)
4. Verify inside face of formwork is smooth (for wooden formwork).
5. Ensure the formwork has good resistance against water.
6. Ensure to arrange and settle supports perfectly.
7. Check width and depth/height of formwork.
8. Ensure thin metal sheets are arranged across joints of wooden formwork.
9. Ensure foam is arranged across the joint of steel formwork.

Inspection of Reinforcement:

• Check steel is arranged according to drawing.
• Check rebars are straight.
• Examine the dia of rebar.
• Check the span of rebar.
• Examine hooks and bends are arranged as per suggestions of structural designer.

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• Ensure to maintain exact lap length.
• Check the clear cover.
• Ensure to keep sufficient cover blocks.
• Ensure the rebars are free from rust.
• Ensure there is not crack in the rebars.
• Ensure to retain minimum 1 inch clear distance among two bars.
• Check the rods are secured with binding wire perfectly.

Inspection in Pre-Concreting stage :

1. Examine all necessary materials and tools exist at site.
2. If concrete is poured at night, check that there is sufficient lighting arrangement.
3. Check all service line (electrical, sanitary and plumbing, etc.) which pass through the RCC member are perfectly arranged.
4. Check formwork supports again that those are integral and not dislocated.

Inspection throughout concreting:

Check slump for every 20 cubic meter of concrete.
• Check concrete cubes/cylinder are provided for testing.
• Verify concrete is assembled from 3 or 4 random mixes for producing concrete cube/cylinder.
• Ensure two carpenters are available at shuttering area to take quick action for any issues throughout pouring.
• Ensure concrete should not drop from more than 5′ height.
• Ensure proper vibrating in the site.
• Check the level of concrete surface.
• Check the finishing of concrete surface.

Post-concreting inspection :

1. Verify curing is conducted properly.
2. Verify formwork removal duration maintained perfectly.
3. Test the cubes/cylinders. If test result is inaccurate, the structure will collapse.

Checklist For Reinforcement Cement Concrete Work