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Steps for Formwork and Shuttering Inspection

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It is very crucial to maintain a proper checklist prior to the commencement of the shuttering work planned at the site. Essentially, it is also known as formwork shuttering.

Shuttering is a section of the construction works of civil engineering as shuttering facilitates the structure to attain its required shape.

The formwork will be retained a minimum 24 hours to 48 hours after the concrete is poured in its supporting locations. But the removal time is also based on the type of concert weight, the length of the sample and some other factors as well.

If the shuttering is removed too quickly after it has been installed, there may be an accident at the site. To maintain the safety of the construction, the shuttering checklist or formwork plays a vital role. Normally, the shuttering is applied in concrete construction.

New concrete is then poured to be solidified. It carries several types of dead and live loads throughout construction. If the shuttering is not set perfectly, the quality of concrete quality is hampered.

The following three types of formworks are found:

1. Beam Formwork: Applied in beams.
2. Slab Formwork: Applied in slabs.
3. Column Formwork: Applied in columns.

The following types of checklists are provided for shuttering or formwork:

1. Checklist throughout fixing.
2. Checklist throughout concreting.
3. Checklist throughout subtraction.

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Checklist throughout fixing:

1. Check the shuttering design, report if any issue is found.
2. Examine the Props, Baileys, etc for correct alignment.
3. Examine the leveling & proper alignment of the shuttering rigidity.
4. Verify the spans of the shuttering and whether it adheres to formwork drawing.
5. Ensure the braces are arranged correctly.
6. Examine the formwork panels holes, sealing joints are set or not.

Checklist throughout construction:

1. An experienced supervisor should be appointed.
2. There is an exact platform for workers.
3. The desired number of spare props, clamps, bolts, etc exist at the site.
4. Concrete pouring is completed on the basis of the formwork drawing.
5. The alignment (verticality) of camber, plumb, is examined properly.
6. The Top and Bottom reinforcement are arranged based on the given drawing.
7. The Clear Cover of the reinforcement steel is retained as per specification.
8. Concreting is completed within the permissible limits provided on working drawing or as assumed at the time of designing the formwork against lateral pressures.

Checklist after subtraction:

1. After detachment of the formwork, cleaned it instantly with a stiff brush.
2. While detaching shuttering on sides, corners and edges should not be damaged.
3. The concrete surface is perfectly good, level based on the drawing.
4. Bolts, Nuts, Clamps, wedges should be kept in a box and should not be dropped haphazardly.
5. If the repairing work is necessary if the surface is improper.:

Formwork Inspection Checklist Before Shuttering Work