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Mix Design of Concrete

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This civil engineering tutorial will show how to perform Mix Design Of M-40 Grade Of Cement Concrete as per IS : 10262 and IS : 456 codes.

Consideration should be given on the following factors for concrete mix design :-

Type of cement = Emami OPC 53 grade (adhering to IS : 269-2015)

Least Cement Content = 360 kg/m3 (According to IS : 456-2000)

Highest Water Cement Ratio = 0.40 (According to IS : 456-2000)

Degree of workability as per slump = 150 – 160 mm after 15 minutes (according to requirements)

Exposure Condition (concreting plan) = Extreme (According to IS : 456-2000)

Method of setting concrete = Via pump (slump should be high otherwise pump will be unfunctional)

Type of Aggregates = Crushed Angular Aggregates

Highest Cement Content = 450 kg/m3

Type of chemical admixture = Chryso Delta 9001 (according to requirements)

Characteristic compressive strength of concrete (for M40 grade) at 28 days = 40.0 N/mm2 (IS:456:2000)

Target mean strength at 28 days = 48.25 N/mm2

Specific gravity of course aggregates = 2.84

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Specific gravity of fine aggregates = 2.65
Water absorption of course aggregates = 0.28%
Water absorption of fine aggregates = 0.85%

Target strength for mix proportioning is determined with the following formula :-
f’ck = fck + 1.65 x S
f’ck stands for target average compressive strength at 28 days.
fck stands for characteristic compressive strength at 28 days.
S stands for standard deviation.

Suppose, standard deviation (S) is 5 N/mm2
So, the target strength = 40 + 1.65 x 5 = 48.25 N/mm2

To get more details, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Civil Engineer Deepak Kumar

How concrete mix design is performed with adherence to IS:10262 and IS:456