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Details Construction Process of Concrete Slab

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In building construction, the roof or slab for roof is considered one of the vital elements.

The slab is formed with different materials like cement, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, steel bar, binding wire, water and shuttering materials (wooden planks, iron plates etc.)

The method for slab placement - The placement of RCC slab is performed in the following four phases:

1. Formwork or centering and shuttering
2. Bending and tying steel bars3. Placing of cement concrete

Formwork: The formwork should be performed with adherence to IS : 14687-1999. The purpose of formwork or centering and shuttering is to hold back concrete. Besides, it supports the wet concrete unless it attains adequate strength to become self supporting.

Bending and tying steel bars: While designing the slab, it is taken into consideration that the concrete has good strength against compression but very weak strength against tension.

Therefore, the steel bars are arranged in slab to increase the safety of the structure against tensile stress.

Span of steel bars: The diameter of steel bars and its span in the RCC slab is measured with designing the slab on the basis of the load and span of the slab. Normally, the steel bars with diameter 12mm, 10mm and 8 mm are utilized in RCC slab depending on the length of span of the slab and in the same way span is provided from 4.5 inches to 6 inches in the main bars and 6 inches to 8 inches in the distribution bars.

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Laying of cement concrete: Make walking on steel bars with placement of wooden plates so that no disturbance occurs in steel bars. Now, place the cement concrete mix according to design but now under the 1:2:4 ratio.

The mix should be applied mechanically and vibrated after laying the slab.

Curing: Once the RCC slab is laid, it should be cured for 28 days for attaining the full strength.

Detail construction process of slab