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In this exclusive civil engineering article, you will be familiar with step-by-step building layout methods based on building layout plans.

Similar types of building layout methods are recommended for application at the time of laying out anything like sidewalk, house, garden, fencing, etc.

Building Layout is the method of delivering architectural proposals from drawings into the ground. It sets out the location points for site boundaries, foundations, columns, center-lines of walls and other essential structural components. Besides, it sets out the proper extent, angle, and level of the building. The entire structure is situated and constructed based on the initial setting out.

A perfect building layout is a basic part of the construction works. Any error should be identified earlier as the process can be costly & laborious to rectify the errors later on.

Building layout is normally started once the site puts through a condition survey and desk study, and there is not any debris, unnecessary vegetation or obstructions.

Works required for retaining proper levels should also be finished before the start of the layout process.

The location and placement of the structure are normally given in the architect's or engineer’s drawings and there should be a proper explanation on how the layout should be arranged.

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With controlling dimensions and references on the plans the positioning of the building & its foundation is determined. These range from overall length and width, distances to road center-lines and other structures, internal structural measurements, approaches and rights-of-way and so on.

Then, the controlling points of the structure should be marked to facilitate the construction team to easily recognize them. It normally comprises marking the building’s corners, horizontal and vertical positions with stakes, batter boards with string lines, drill holes, cut-and-fill notations, and other methods.

To get more details on building layout process, go through the following exclusive civil engineering video tutorial.

Video Source: RR Buildings

Details of building layout methods & building layout design