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Different Types of Water Supply Pipes

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As we know pipes are a significant means of transferring gaseous and liquid material from one place to another. Water supply pipes or water line pipes are also a part of it. It is mainly designed to transfer liquid or most importantly water to consumers' comfort places.

Every pipe is made up of different materials depending upon what it transfers through it. At our home we have two different pipes designed for two different purposes; one for drinking water purposes and one for drainage flow.

Both water supply pipes and materials are different.

Different types of water supply pipes are available which come in different types and sizes. Following below are some of them:

1. Steel pipes: Steel pipes are the most durable and strongest pipes among all the water supply pipes but thus it is expensive too. It requires large diameter pipes and can withstand a high pressure of above 7 kg/cm2.

2. Concrete pipes: Concrete pipes are widely used underground to transfer potable water and for drainage systems. These pipes are non-corrosive in nature and are extremely durable and strong.

However, they are very heavy and bulky and will be expensive if the pipe gets damaged during transportation due to its heaviness.

3. Galvanized iron pipes: Galvanised or iron pipes are commonly used in the water supply system inside the building. It is made of wrought steel and has a zinc coating outside.

Its use as a medium of drinking water is declining because it poses the problem of rusting through internal corrosion.

4. Plastic or PVC pipes: Plastic or PVC pipes are flexible in nature which ultimately makes them available for use in internal and external water supplies for both hot and cold regions.

These pipes are less expensive, non-corrosive in nature, lightweight, and thus are easy to handle and transport.

5. Cast Iron pipes: Cast iron pipes are the most suitable, stable, commonly used pipes which are cost-effective among all the water supply systems.

Unfortunately, they are heavy so special care should be taken while transportation.

Varied types of water supply pipes are required for varied types of purposes depending on their use, area, and budget. But before getting into this you must first know how to lay a new water supply pipe! For this, you need to first start from the lower level and then proceed towards the utmost higher level.

Be careful of fixing socket ends towards the higher side. After this, you need to check whether the water is leaking or in pressure or not. In this way, you can fix the water supply pipe.


For cleaning the water supply pipes you need to use vinegar and baking soda to remove stains, rust, and sediments from the water. PVC or Plastic pipes are the best for the water supply pipes to date.

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