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Staircase Slope Formula

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When building stairs are concerned, the vital step should be measuring the flight's slope precisely to make sure it isn't very steep.

While it can actually be quite simple to work out the slope, most regulations are provided concerning tread width and height of riser. After obtaining all these calculations, you can easily determine whether or not your slope at the stairs is legal.

Step 1: Workout the distance of your treads (exclude the width, if nosing is present in treads). If all the treads contain the same sizes, it is only required to calculate one but if the sizes differ, it is required to calculate them all.

Step 2: Calculate the height of your risers, that means the distance from the top of one tread to the top of the next. If the risers are all equivalent in size, it is only required to calculate one, otherwise it is necessary to measure them all.

Step 3: Divide the height of the riser by the width of the tread, then measure the corresponding inverse tangent (or arctangent) to obtain the slope for the building stairs.

At the end of the day, it is necessary to retain the treads and risers with consistent sizes, because it will provide an easier collection of measurements and more perfect results. If it is found that the slope is very steep or not steep sufficiently, advice should be taken from the contractor in charge of building stairs for resolving the problem.

The slope of stairs should remain among 25 to 40 degree i.e. not in excess of 40 degree and not below 25 degree.

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The tread of staircase should not be under 250 mm.

The riser of staircase should remain 150 mm.

Slope of staircase = Riser / Tread

After putting the values of riser & tread, we get the following results :-

tanθ = tan-10.6 = 310

It is the suitable staircase for hospitals, buildings, houses etc.

To get more details on how to find out the slope of a staircase.

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How To Find Out The Slope Of A Staircase