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Errors in Land Surveying

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This civil engineering tutorial is very useful for land surveyors. The tutorial is about how to rectify errors in tape measurement.

Tape belongs to a common tool that is utilized for calculating the distance. But there should be some rectifications for the measured distance based on the conditions under which the measurements are taken.

Tape corrections include the followings :-

1. Rectifications for temperature
2. Rectifications for absolute length
3. Rectifications for pull or tension

It should be kept in mind that when the field temperature and the temperature at which the tape is created is not identical, then Ct = α (Tm - To)L


Ct = Correction for temperature
α = Coefficient of thermal expansion of the tape material
Tm = Mean field temperature
To = Standard temperature (at which tape is created)


Measured distance is denoted as L and it is = 231.85
Standard Temperature = To = 290C
Field Temperature = Tm = 160C
Coefficient of thermal expansion = α = 116x10-7 Per 0C

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To determine the perfect distance, the following formula is used

Ct = α(Tm - To)L
Ct = 116x10-7 (16 - 29) 231.85
Ct = -0.0349 m

Perfect Length = 231.85 - 0.0349 m = 231.8151m

To get more details, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: SL Khan

How To Make Corrections In Tape Measurement For Land Survey