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Preparation and Application of Micro Cement in Construction

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Microconcrete stands for a dry ready mix cementetious based composition that is formed with the combination of cement, superior quality based fine aggregates, shrinkage compensating agents and dispersion agents in powder form.

It is applied in repairing the areas where the concrete becomes damaged & the area is restricted in movement and it is not possible to place traditional concrete easily.

It is available as a ready to use dry powder and clean water is added with it on the construction site to develop a free flowing non shrink repair micro concrete.

It is a cementitious material containing additives that provides controlled expansion characteristics in the plastic state with reduced water demand.

Purpose: It is mainly used to repair damaged reinforced concrete constituents like beams, columns, wall etc., where access is restricted and compaction can’t be done. It is also suitable for Jacketing of RCC columns to enhance its load bearing strength.

Usages: It is ideal for making medium & large volume repairs normally varying from 5mm to 50 mm thickness & deep.

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It is also effective for sections normally ranging from 5mm to 50 mm thick even though larger thicknesses can be obtained based on the configuration of the repair location and the volume of exposed reinforcing steel. & the final formulation offered.


• It is produced as a Ready mix factory packed & premixed product and ensures consistent performance.
• Shrinkage compensated

• It provides superior initial strength & retain long term strength & performance
• Self flowable
• It can be easily pumped or poured into restricted locations.
• It produces high initial and ultimate final strengths.
• Keep repaired sections extremely long-lasting.
• Attain quick strength to allow initial reinstatement.

Use of micro-cement in construction and its advantages