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What is Plinth Area and Built up Area?

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A civil engineer should have sufficient knowledge to study any floor plan of the building as it reveals a better view of the entire structure in single sheet.

For easy understanding as well as recognizing the specific areas of a building, various terms are used in the floor plan. Given below, the details about the areas.

1. Plot Area: The area of land encircled with a boundary line (fencing) known as Plot Area. In other words, the entire area in a city or town that is under your possession called as a Plot area. The term Plot area is commonly found in gated communities, townships and titled as Plot Area 1, PA-2 etc. In plot area, one can plan to construct a building.

The plot area is calculated in square meters, square feet within boundary. The plot area contains one length and one width and they are multiplied to obtain plot area.

2. Built Up area/Plinth Area: The total building area in plot area is defined as Built up area. In other word, area that does not include vacant space around the building is known as Built up area or Plinth area. Built up area involves the followings :-

Built up Area = Carpet area+ Thickness of All walls + balcony

3. Setback area: The vacant space across the building is known as Setback area. The setback area is settled by Municipal Authority. Normally, in India, spacing of 4 ft is provided from all the sides of the building. The purpose of setback area is to arrange space for moving vehicles, ventilation and emergency purposes. However, set back area for high rise building should raised up to several meters.

Setback area involves the followings - Setback area = Plot area – Built-up Area

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4. Carpet area: Carpet Area alias floor area belongs to the area enclosed inside the walls of the projected building. It is the actual area on which the carpet can be placed. Carpet area excludes the thickness of the inside walls. It is the true used area of the building. Normally, the carpet area is approx 85-90% of built up area.

5. Super Built-up Area: Super Built Up Area comprises of the built up area along with corresponding common areas like the Swimming pools, Staircase, lobby, lifts, open verandas etc.

The term Super built up area is commonly found in Real Estate. A Developer/Builder charges you depending on the super built-up area and for this reason it is also called ‘saleable’ area. However, underground sump, water tanks, walk ways, swimming pool, open sports facilities, weather sheds, inaccessible flower beds, lofts should not be contained in super built-up area.

The builders may include 20% of total cost of apartment to the super built-up area. The developer consider 1.25 as a multiplying factor to measure super built-up area.

Super Built Up Area involves the followings - Super Built-Up Area = Setback area+Built-up Area+20% of common area

Details about Plot area, Carpet Area, Setback area, Plinth Area, Buildup Area in a building