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What is Dumpy Level in Surveying

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Leveling is used to take measurements in a vertical plane, ensuring similar points are verified on the horizontal plane. Among different leveling instruments, Dumpy Level is mostly recognized.

Dumpy level alias builder’s Auto level or Automatic Level refers to an optical surveying leveling instrument that comprises a telescope tube firmly attached to two collars fastened by adjusting screws to the stage through the vertical spindle.

The telescope is rotated only in a horizontal plane. The dumpy level can find out the relative elevation of various points about a surveying land.

Application of Dumpy Level Survey:

In surveying, the dumpy level is primarily utilized for the following reasons:-

1. To find out the relative height and distance between several locations of surveying land.
2. To find out the relative distance between several locations of surveying land.

Benefits of Dumpy Level Survey:

1. Uncomplicated construction with less movable sections.
2. Fewer adjustments are required and done as per the need of any type of ground.

3. Owing to the inflexibility of dumpy levels, it keeps its two adjustments for prolonged periods.
4. In dumpy level surveying, the level readings are perfect.
5. Cost of the dumpy level is inexpensive with regards to other instruments.
5. High Optical Power.

Components of Dumpy Level - In dumpy level surveying, the following parts or components are used :

Telescope, Bubble tubes, Compass, Vertical spindle, Tribrach screws, Foot screws, Leveling head, Tripod.

Parts of Telescope in Dumpy Level - Given below, the major parts of the telescope :

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Eyepiece, Objective lens, Diaphragm, Focusing screw, Ray shade

The steps involved in dumpy level for surveying:-

1. Initially, the dumpy level instrument is set up on a tripod adjacent to the point.
2. With the help of foot-screws alias leveling screws, the dumpy level is set to a leveled condition.
3. Rotate your telescope 180 degrees to verify the level calibration.
4. The operator glance at the eyepiece of the telescope.
5. An associate retains a tape measure or graduated staff vertical at the point under measurement.
6. The elevations (levels) of several points IS collected through the instrument and staff.

7. Measurement normally is started from a benchmark with acknowledged height obtained through a previous survey or a random point with a presumed height.

In order to know how to transmit or determine the RL of Point with dumpy level, watch the following exclusive video tutorial.

Video Source: Civiconcepts - Bhushan Mahajan

Detail Process Of Dumpy Level Survey