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Details Guidelines About Removing Formwork From Concrete

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Definition of Formwork: Formwork belongs to one type of casting mould or box similar to container where fresh concrete is discharged and consolidated.

As soon as the concrete is solidified, the formwork is eliminated and a solid mass is created in the form of the inner face of the formwork.

Detachment of Formwork: The detachment of formwork is also known as strike-off of forms where concrete is discharged. The formwork is taken off after the concrete component attains adequate strength. The formwork should be detached carefully to retain the proper strength of the remaining formwork.

Concrete Formwork Striking Times is impacted by the following factors:

Concrete formwork removal time is mainly based on how rapidly concrete members attains its adequate strength and it is influenced by the following factors.

Grade of concrete: The rate of growth of strength remains greater with the rich grade of concrete and consequently concrete attains the strength in a lesser time.

Grade of cement: A greater grade of cement develops a quick setting and it attains strength in a lesser time.

Type of Cement: The type of cement applied in concrete also impact the strength development of concrete. As for instance, with regards to ordinary Portland cement, rapid hardening cement contains greater strength gain in lesser. Low heat cement needs more time for setting in respect of OPC.

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Temperature: High temperature of concrete and surrounding while placing concrete help in attaining greater strength in lesser times. Throughout the winter, the strength gaining system turns out to be slower.

Size of the concrete member: Size of the concrete member also affects the strength gaining process. Large-sized concrete section members attain strength in a lesser time as compared to smaller sections.

Guidelines to Remove Formwork Perfectly:

The formwork removal is a complicated process in the construction site. The process should be executed in a proper manner so that the structure is not affected as well as the working labors in the construction site remain safe. So, consideration should be given on the following factors :-

• Perform appropriate test (mostly NDT) on concrete to make sure that its strength is developed.
• As a part of removal of formwork, the vertical members should be detached initially.
• The supports of slab or soffits should not be detached unless it is capable of bearing its self-weight and outside stresses efficiently.
• The crowbars should not be secured on the side to detach the formworks since it can damage the edges of concrete.
• Loose concrete or any other material included in the edges and corners should be detached.
• The safety engineers should properly examine the site prior to detach the formworks to maintain proper conditions.
• To retain the safety of workers, examine the formwork position and adequate bracings and work platforms should be arranged to detach the formwork at higher elevations.
• Team removing formwork should gather knowledge about risk and rule regulation of safety on the construction site.

Details Guidelines About Removing Formwork From Concrete