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A foundation belongs to an inherent portion of the structure that transmits the load of the superstructure to the soil. A foundation provides support for the structure and it's loads.

It comprises the soil and rock of earth's crust and any distinctive portion of structure that works to transfer the load into the rock or soil.

If the conditions of the soil remain instantly underneath the structure, which are suitably durable and have the capacity for supporting the necessary load, then shallow spread footings are utilized to convey the load. If the conditions of the soil are weak, then piles or piers are utilized to bear the loads into deeper, more appropriate soil.

Download Sheet Shallow Foundation in Excel

Design Considerations: Must not be arranged extremely. Should be placed at exact depth to avoid damage from surface environmental effects (frost, swelling and shrinkage, erosion and scour). Must not give rise to failure of supporting soil (Bearing Capacity criteria).

Shallow Foundation Design