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How to determine the quantity of any sloping roof

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The renowned engineer Muhammad Ghani presents this informative video to teach you how to work out the quantity of inclined roof.

The calculation is prepared on the basis of following data :-

Length of the roof = 18 feet Radius = 18/2 = 9 feet Height o the roof = 6 feet The thickness of the slab = 5 inches The shade on both sides = 1 feet 6 inches

From the section cut of the roof, choose a right angle triangle with height 6 feet and width 10.5 feet. The width is obtained by adding the radius of 9 ft + shade of 1.5 feet.

Now, based on length and width, the inclined length of slab should be calculated as follow :-

Suppose, the width of slab = 16 feet

Thickness of slab = 5 inches or 0.41 feet

The following formula is used for calculation :-

Inclined length of slab = √(B)2 + √ (H)2 = √(10.5)2 + √ (6)2 (B is the base & H is the height)

= √110.25 +√36 = √146.25

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So, inclined length of one side = 12.093 feet

Inclined length of slab = 12.093 x 2 = 24.186 feet (as both sides are same)

Now, the volume of inclined slab will be calculated with the following formula :-

Length x Width x Thickness = 24.186 x 16 x 0.41= 158.66 cubic feet

Therefore, the total quantity of inclined roof = 159 cubic feet (approx)

Video Source: Civil Study

How to determine the quantity of any sloping roof