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Types of cladding commonly used in construction

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Several types of claddings are found in the construction industry the details of which are given below :-

Stone Cladding: Stone is a sustainable material and is utilized in both in the interiors for Wall Cladding. Different types of materials like granite, slate, marble, sandstone, limestone, Kota are used in stone cladding. Stone keeps the inside of the building warm. Its longevity is based on the thickness of the stone; if the thickness is raised the longevity of the stone will be increased.

Wood & Timber Cladding: Wood and Timber cladding is mostly found in both the interiors and the exteriors of the building. The appearance of wood is esthetic. This material has the normal resistance strength against decay. As it is very light weight, the installation can be done simply. But, it does not have fire resistance capacity.

Brick Cladding: Brick Cladding can be provided to the interiors and exteriors of the building. It is a permeable material that can consume water in the rains but shall dry out ultimately. While sealing the joints, proper care should be taken so that rain water can’t penetrate into the interiors.

Tile Cladding: There are several options, designs and sizes for tile Cladding. Tile cladding can be utilized in bathrooms, kitchens, building exteriors and in areas that should be highlighted in the interiors. Different types of materials like ceramic, granite, porcelain, glass, mosaic are used in tile cladding. Tiles to be utilized the exteriors should have strong resistant capacity against harsh weather and their colors should not diminish when uncovered to the sun.

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Metal cladding: Metal Cladding is generally found in commercial Buildings and factories. It is one of the most long-lasting claddings found in the market. They can provide a very hi-tech appearance to the buildings. ACP alias Aluminium Cladding Panels are light weight and gaining popularity in recent times. They can also be utilized on an existing building surface and give a new look to the exteriors.

Vinyl Cladding: Vinyl cladding is extensive used in the Western countries for cladding the exteriors of the building. It is most inexpensive type of cladding and the installation cost is very low.

It is long-lasting, effective in insulation and has good resistance capacity against scratches.

Concrete Cladding:
1. Glass Fiber reinforced concrete can be applied as a cladding material for ornamental purposes.
2. It can be simply maintained and set up devoid of any requirement of painting or plastering and can be secured directly over the brickwork or masonry.

Board Cladding: Different types of boards like Gypsum boards, cement boards, calcium silicate boards, fiber cement boards etc. can be used for cladding. They are secured directly on the brickwork or masonry.

Wallpapers: Wallpapers are applied in the interiors to highlight specific areas. They are mainly applied in the interiors of residences, hotels, resorts and corporate offices.

Types of cladding commonly used in construction