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How to Measure the Concrete Quantity in Isolated Footing

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Definition of footing: Footings belong to the vital part of foundations. They are situated underneath the Ground level (Sub Structure). Footings are primary RCC members in Buildings.

Definition of Isolated Footing: Isolated Footing is mainly found underneath the column and all the load is dispersed to the footing and after that dispersed to the soil. The isolated footing is called as Trapezoidal footing.

How to measure the concrete volume of isolated footing:

To measure the volume of concrete of Isolated Footing, initially, it is required to determine the dimensions of isolated footing.

In Architectural Drawings, the following types of views are available - Top View or Plan, Cross Section View or Elevation.

The purpose of the top view is to calculate the area i.e. Length and Breadth of a given footing.

The objective of cross-section view of any structure is to work out the height/thickness of the structure and it is mainly applied for Reinforcement detailing of the structure.

The volume of concrete in isolated footing is measured in the following two ways:-
V1 = It denotes the volume of the base of the isolated footing.
V2 = It denotes the volume of the trapezoidal portion.

Measure the Volume of concrete in V1
Volume V1 = L x B x H1
Here, H1 denotes the height of the base portion
L denotes the Length of footing.
B denotes the Breadth of Footing
Volume V1 = 1200 x 1000 x 200
=240000000 mm3 or it is equivalent to 0.24 cu-m.

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Now measure the Volume of concrete in V2
Volume V2= H/3 (A1+A2+√(A1 x A2))
Here, A1 denotes the area of bottom of footing
A2 denotes the area of top of footing

Now, the values of A1 & A2 will be calculated as follow :-
A1= L x B
= 1200 x 1000
= 1200000 mm2 or it is identical to 1.2 m2
A2= L1 x B1
= 600 x 500
= 300000 mm2 or it is identical to 0.3 cum
Here H = H2 – H1
= 450 – 200
= 250 mm or it is equivalent to 0.25m

In order to work out the volume of isolated footing V2 part in cum, provide the values of A1 and A2 in the following formula :-
V2= H/3 (A1+A2+(√(A1 x A2))
= 0.25/3((1.2+0.3) + √(1.2x 0.3))
= 0.0833(( 1.5) + (0.6))
= 0.1749 cum

Total Volume V = V1 + V2
V = 0.24 + 0.1749
V = 0.414 cum

To get more clear ideas, go through the following video tutorial presented by the renowned engineer S.L. Khan.

Video Source: S.L. Khan

How to Measure the Concrete Quantity in Isolated Footing