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Vali Architects Launched Instant Cladding for Sketchup

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Vali Architects has launched a new cladding script called instant cladding for sketchup users. This sketchup extension can be used to instantly generate and add 3d cladding materials to faces in your sketchup models.

It is very useful for making wood or metal siding stone walls, log walls and lots other. It can also be used to produce wood modeling on the interior of any models. The plugin is very user-friendly, just choose the wall where the cladding will be added, then select the material and click run. It will add your preferred cladding material to your geometry.

1. Produce Mouldings, Wood Siding, Stone Masonry, and Metal Siding on building walls.

2. Options for wainscot and multiple level cladding.

3. Multiple cladding location options: 2 level, 3 level, gables.

4. Cladding options comprise of stone, masonry, batten, bevel, plank, shingle, log, dovetail log, half log, corrugated metal, more.

5. 23 scalable stone/masonry patterns.

6. 56 example preset styles

7. Sample material textures are available.

8. Different types of moulding options for Base, Chair Rail, Crown, and Gable moulding or utilize your own profile.

9. Materials are added at the time of generating the Cladding or added/changed after the formation. Textures are aligned to the cladding elements.

10. Select from several preset styles or form custom user style library.

11. Supports all SketchUp units: Metric, Feet/Inches, etc.

12. Menu options are supported with both thumbnail and enlarged images.

13. An internet connection is necessary for applying this extension.

Click on the following link for instant cladding free download

Vali Architects Launched Instant Cladding for Sketchup