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Best possible ways to apply sketchup for woodworking project - Some exclusive DVD based tutorial by Joe Zeh

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Joseph P. Zeh, having more than 35 years experience in the high tech computer and graphics industry, has presented an exclusive video course on sketchup.

The course is very useful for woodworkers. The course is divided into two parts:-

Basic SketchUp 2014 for Woodworkers – It is created for beginners’ sketchup users who just start to apply sketchup for woodworking projects. This course includes a nine chapter video and continues for 390 minutes.

The course consists of the set-up of the new 2014 version and the fundamental tools which range from designing a piece from scratch (including drawers); dealing with texture, components, and layers; becoming proficient dimension and lots other!

On the woodworking perspective, one can learn how to sketch a bedside table with dovetailed drawer with bullnose trim, tapered legs, beveled top and lathe turned drawer pull, how to draw rectilinear components or components with uncomplicated circle or arc curves.

After finishing the table and drawer model, the student can insert dimensioned scenes printable to scale as a shop drawing set. The student will also come to know how to texture all pieces with several wood grains to generate a photorealistic image for presentation.

Joseph P. Zeh is also offering a Pre-School Prepatory Course divided into four parts that provides support for preparing students for the Basic SketchUp 2014 for Woodworkers DVD.

Intermediate SketchUp 2014 for Woodworkers – In this course, the students will learn how to create design for curved pieces; how to apply superior curve making methods as well as Bezier and Spline tools for making those curves, how to deal with shade and lighting tools to show up your curves; the tips for designing cove moulding, bull nose edges, Ogee bracket feet, and lots other.

The students can access both basic and intermediate in DVD or Download formats as well as a bundled set with the following links.

Best possible ways to apply sketchup for woodworking project