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Sketchup is a useful for landscape architects as well as interior designers. Sketchup can enhance the professional workflow of interior designers. With sketchup the interior designers can produce elegant designs, presentations and space planning.

The interior designers can create digitally model/design space as well as rendered perspective by setting up scenes early in their sketchup models.

The interior designers can include material, texture, lights and colors to the interior designing process. The sketchup creates a bridge connecting interior designers and their clients. With its compact and strong series of tools, it performs rendering to produce 'see though' and hidden line views, to orbit around the design and make a walk through the 'virtual' site.

Sketchup provides the following significant advantages to the interior designers:-

  • Numerous wireframe, shaded, and rendered views of an interior space.
  • Interior and exterior shadow studies.
  • Populateing interior spaces involving superior entourage.

Sketchup Interior Design