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The SketchUp can bring huge benefits to Art Directors, Filmmakers, Graphic/Film Designers, Production Designers, Cinematographers, grips and gaffers, and the hammer and nails people dealing with lighting and construction as well as other Design Professionals who are associated with Film, Stage and Television industries. Sketchup empowers everyone to envisage the final result and foresee any problems.

With Film and Stage Plugin in Sketchup, the Art Directors and Cinematographers get the ability to walk around the application of various camera lenses and aspect ratios on location or on a production set. Film producers and directors can easily pre-visualize shots and scenes within SketchUp.

Production designers manage structure to produce images which lead to narrate the story of the film. They have to maintain the reality with the film’s imagery. SketchUp and Google Earth are two useful tools for generating space to bring the reality with a film. Production designers can create a model in SketchUp and marry it to the imagery in Google Earth towards their set location. Thus they will be able to make a demonstration of the final scene perfectly to the people. Sketchup is ideal in production design especially in preliminary phases of designing sets and set pieces.

To create a set manually is very time consuming and complicated but with its supreme flexibility, sketchup can respond quickly to any changes and helps to take decisions imaginatively before the commencement of the physical set.

Sketchup facilitates the production designers to import topography from Google Earth and produce location sets on these virtual sites. It results in making easy communication connecting the design, film, and construction crews and making huge savings in both time and money.

The Advanced Camera Tools within sketchup allows the production designers to analyze their model with realistically-configured cameras. They can select from a lens/aspect ratio combination, built focal length and position adjustments, and browse the camera to preview their shots.

With SketchUp Pro, the production designers can directly avail the Google Maps 3D terrain and hi-res satellite and Street View imagery. Sketchup is integrated with numerous pre-modeled buildings on the 3D Warehouse which help production designers for modeling on-location shoots.

Sketchup for film and stage