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Sketchup for landscape architecture

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Trimble Sketchup is 3D design software that can be applied to envisage the picture of a landscape design.

The Pro version of sketchup provides huge benefits to a landscape designer. The benefits are as follows:

Generate scaled, precisely dimensioned drawing sets: SketchUp Pro not only creates 3D models but also produces multi-page documents involving model views, details, images, notes as well as additional significant information. The landscape designers can make their professional design documents as per the alteration of the model.

Get better communication with the clients: With multi-colored perceptions and exemplified plans, anyone can understand the drawing clearly. The clients can get exact view by walk through your SketchUp Pro models.

Avail any 3D models out of an outsized warehouse: The user does not have to create anything from scratch. From SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse, the users will be able to download unlimited entourage components ranging from plants to vehicles to people.

Envisage environmental graphics in context: Environmental graphics are a vital aspect of landscape design. SketchUp Pro can be applied to produce convention signage and wayfinding elements concerning the constructed environment. Your design can be more efficient as one can view their work in perception.

Produce and revise 3D terrain: SketchUp Pro contains sandbox set of tools which can transform any contour lines into surfaces, drape hardscape components on irregular ground and amend accessible terrain. One can experiment with 2D CAD files, 3D models, DEM data or even Google Earth terrain.

Compose synchronized shadow studies: One can view the exact position of shadows at any time of day, on any day of the year, any place on earth. SketchUp Pro also allows the users to produce shadow animations which can be transferred into video files for presenting to any clients.

Model details to make complicated conditions simplified: Sketchup Pro can model significant construction details which result in huge time saving by minimizing RFI’s and change orders. Save huge amonts in repeated work and change orders.

Convert 2D plans into handy 3D models: SketchUp Pro facilitates the users to import CAD files from various other programs. The users can also get a scanned hand drawing to apply like a foundation for their design, or as an exemplified ground plane for aerial views of the models.

Generate scaled, drawing sets correctly dimensioned: With SketchUp Pro, the users will be able to create 3D models. Make documents having multi-page involving model views, images, notes, callouts, dimensions as well as other important information. The document will be modified according to the changed with the models.

Design in line with Google Earth: SketchUp Pro can be incoporated with Google Earth flawlessly. It can conveniently import 3D topography data and aerial imagery for several location on the planet. With a single click, view your model in context in Google Earth. Then export a KMZ file to be emailed to anyone.

Make stunning photorealistic renderings with plugins: SketchUp Pro consists of a wide array of extensions and add-ons with various grand options for transforming any models into photorealistic renderings. Reflections and soft shadows are only a plugin away.

Create models out of any photographs: Utilize an aerial image as a starting point as well as paint any face on your model through a photograph. SketchUp Pro contains an exclusive match Photo feature which allows users to create a model by a photo like a perspective underlay.

Export PDFs, movies, images and CAD files: The users can transform any SketchUp Pro models into JPEGs, TIFFs, PDFs, CAD files and even HD videos as well as print drawings to scale. Create different kinds of visualization and present these to the client.

Sketchup for landscape architecture