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Create stunning 3d sculpting and 3d painting with d3D Sculptor

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d3D Sculptor is an app compatible with Android devices. d3D Sculptor refers to a digital sculpting tool that merges 3D modeling, texturing and painting.

This latest 3d modeling application facilitates the users to make 3D models of things despite the fact that they’re on the move. After creating some simple models, the users can export and apply them to several leading Desktop-class apps similar to Maya or 3DS Max as well as use them in 3D Printing. Import OBJ for further detailing or texturing on your phone.

The users will also get the ability to push, pull, extrude, move, rotate, stretch, or else operate objects as clay. Besides, the users can make alterations to the UV coordinates, scale the object and more.

In order to produce any 3d models, the users should require an appliance having a strong processor, similar to the Snapdragon S4 Pro and above. d3D Sculptor is also well suited with a dual-core processor. The application can be easily downloaded from the Play Store of Google.

While initiating a new project, the users have to pass through the 2D to 3D wizard to sketch a shape on a number of grids and then be converted into 3D objects. The users have to go through an object selection screen while commencing a new project. The 2D-to-3D wizard is an exclusive feature catering to advanced level users.

By applying 2D-to-3D wizard, the users can take any image and easily transform them into 3D. The users can also include some advanced features like UV Bump Map etc. The problem is that the Android devices can only utilize as many as 10,000 vertices, unlike desktop computers.

With d3D Sculptor, the users will be able to maneuver all the objects in 3D and smooth things out as well as enhance the vertices.

Create stunning 3d sculpting and 3d painting with d3D Sculptor