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Download variouss useful documents for sketchup application

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Combining SketchUp Models with 3D GIS

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Many of you have probably discovered the new 3-D design tool, SketchUp. It enables you to quickly create very realistic models of buildings and other 3-D objects.

A Virtual Museum in Google SketchUp

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If you do not have Sketch Up on your machine, you can download it for free from Google: (Make sure you find the free version, not the free.

Scheme of Work: SketckUp - Clickschool Computer Science

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SketchUp (basic edition – free) computer program (PC, Mac) Resources. Students would benefit from their own headsets for self-paced learning.

Course Objectives: In this class we will focus on learning

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Using free-hand sketch and rendering skills, and Google SketchUp. Deliverable: 1. Free hand drawings on tracing paper: sketch, rendering and bird’s view.

3D Modeling- Floor Plan to finished house

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We will be drawing the floor plan and furniture directly in a program called SketchUp. One advantage to drawing on the computer is that it is easy to make changes.

Rubric for Final Presentation “Project Based Learning”

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Google SketchUp software (free download at Computer with LCD projector and Internet connection.

Bubble diagrams with ConceptDraw PRO

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Now comes the fun part, designing the house, so let's start step by step using the free SketchUp to design your dream house.

Download various useful documents for sketchup application