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Photo realistic emulation in the rendering processes with Sketchup

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Mike Ernst, the most recognized urban planner and designer, has conducted an advanced course on sketchup which focuses on superior photo realistic emulation in the rendering processes. In the introduction, we'll cover prerequisites for the course as well as the course objectives.

By undergoing this course the sketchup professional can learn how to produce a more photorealistic rendering of a SketchUp model with a free third-party renderer known as Kerkythea. Kerkythea generates more realistic lighting and shading than just exporting directly from SketchUp. The sketchup professionals can also learn how to include additional components to the rendered model in Adobe Photoshop.

In This Course

Setting Up: In this chapter, get acquainted with the fundamental process and software utilized in the course. 2 minutes 58 seconds

Set up your Model for Export: Gather knowledge on how to prepare your model prior to exporting in to Kerkythea. Also learn how faces work in SketchUp, and be familiar with a few shortcuts to accelerate the process. 6 minutes 22 seconds

Face Covering: Learn how to include in the Kerkythea plugin into SketchUp and relate materials to your faces. 7 minutes

Setting Up Scenes: Scenes facilitate you to lock-in your camera angles, shadows, and other settings in your model, and importing them to Kerkythea. In this chapter, learn how to set scenes up in a SketchUp model and a few common errors to keep away from. 6 minutes 51 seconds

Creating the Image: Learn how to open your exported model in Kerkythea and produce your rendered image. 5 minutes 20 seconds

Additional Detailing: Transmit your rendered image from Kerkythea to Photoshop for additional detailing. Apply masked images to include in trees, people, and other elements to soften up the rendering. 9 minutes 6 seconds

Finalize: In this chapter, settle the image with a few additional steps in Photoshop. 7 minutes 47 seconds

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Photo realistic emulation in the rendering processes with Sketchup