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Scene Generator Plugin beta for sketchup

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A new plugin alias Scene Generator is just launched. The Scene Generator plugin for sketchup is in beta stage. The plugin will be very useful to save huge time for completing any project irrespective of any CAD drafting system.

This sketchup plugin automatically includes section planes, manages scene properties and naming conventions as well as layers, and styles in SketchUp supported with the TSWFA system. Besides, it syncs flawlessly with the TSWFA scrapbooks to do away with the requirement to deal with stacked viewports, line weight settings, scenes, scales, and render settings in LayOut Michael Brightman, CEO, will present a live show of the Scene Generator as well as an open online help session on Thursday, April 24, 2014, at 11am MDT.

The prospective users can apply for a one year pre-release beta subscription for $100 to avail the plugin. But the subscription will not be effective until the launching of the plugin in this summer officially. So, one can share any bugs, bumps and malfunctions of the plugin.

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Scene Generator Plugin beta for sketchup