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SketchUp Make for Mac is a simple and user-friendly 3D modeling tool that can be utilized on its own or as Google Earth plug-in.

By applying SketchUp Make for Mac, the sketchup professionals can generate different kinds of 2D or 3D objects as well as modify the applied color schemes or materials of any models.

The sketchup professionals can print, circulate and accumulate the completed models in the 3D Warehouse or even published directly to the Google Earth where the models of real structures produced by the users are visible by numerous visitors who regularly utilize this service both on all up to date Macs and portable devices.

There are not any kind limitations concerning Freeware version of SketchUp Make for Mac, but professionals will opt for paid “Pro” version having stronger focus on architecture and easier capability to transmit your drawings into 3D objects.

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Sketchup Make for Mac