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Autodesk is going to introduce 3DS Max 2017

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Autodesk announces the availability of 3DS Max 2017 with some advanced features. Give below some of the excellent features :-

New Look & High DPI Display Support

3ds Max 2017 contains a new visual style guide. It can scale perfectly following the updated High DPI displays. Now the users can run 3ds Max 2017 on HDPI monitors and laptops successfully and at the same time precisely use Windows display scaling, transforming the UI more understandable.

Viewport performance: The performance of viewport is also enhanced significantly. There is a new Viewport Setting and Preference dialog which will facilitate the users to dial in the perfect amount of desirable performance. These settings can be allotted universally or per viewport.

For 3256 Objects - 9,000,000 polys:
3ds Max 2014 3ds Max 2016 3ds Max 2017
6-10fps 20-30fps 80-130fps

Others improvements:

300% enhancement in Deforming Mesh performance together with new GPU mesh builder.
300-500% performance improved for navigating numerous objects.
Picking and controlling sub-objects is 200%-300% faster.
Unwrap UVW can deal with 10 times dense objects smoothly.
UV Mapping Updates

Unwrap UVW is revised to simplify the workflow and meaningfully improve performance with dense geometry and high-res maps. Unwrapping models become simpler by assigning seams point to point and at the same time previewing the edge selection, cutting and unfolding the clusters in one simple mode. Peel is instant, with greatly enhanced accuracy and symmetry. Distortion is envisaged in a shaded cluster view or through new checkered maps which offer more information on the model. This offers good benefit for collaborative corrections done through the new Relax paintbrush. Besides, support is given to multi-tile layout, along with various workflow improvements like access to material IDs, superior selection methods and so much more.

For getting more updates, visit Autodesk 3ds Max 2017

Some other crucial enhancements :-

Sensational Performance enhancements
New Packing Algorithm
New Peeling on the basis of ABF(Angle Based Flattening)
Point-to-Point Selection Preview
Symmetrical Geometry Selection
Loop Selection and Ring Selection
Show Only Selected Polygon in viewport
UDIM support (U-Dimension)
MultiTile Map
Show Multitile in UV Dialog
View in VIewport
FBX Import/Export

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